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Bijoux Financier LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of FINANCIERS SERVICES LIMITED (FSL) which is one of UAE’s leading financial institutions. Established to bring the best in class solutions covering the Middle East and other regions. We offer comprehensive financial solutions leveraging on our regional investment expertise and fundamental research capability to deliver to your specific requirements.
Bijoux Financier LLC is a leading UAE intermediary for bridging finance loans small and large. We specialise in the placement of property bridging deals. We, however, consider all bridging loan types. Our funds are sourced directly through, Family Offices, Hedge Funds and  UHNW Investors. This means that we have the capacity through our source of capital for your project or venture small or large.
Our investors look for bridging loan opportunities that make good business sense. Starting from AED20,000 with no upper limit, should your enquiry not fit within perceived normal bridging finance lending parameters, Contact us, as we consider all applications. Our service promise is for a professional, efficient and personal service. Bijoux Financier LLC has access to the best deals in the Bridging Finance market due to our specialist lending structure. Bijoux Financier LLC will offer you the right facility to suit your specific requirements. We will ensure our service meets your needs in the most efficient manner. 

Using Bijoux Financier LLC, means: 75% LVT and up to 100% funding of the purchase price and bridging loans from 0.44% per month and completions within 48 hours are possible. Bijoux Financier LLC, considers highly capitalised Hedge Funds and Private Equity available for bigger bridging finance deals.

Cryptocurrency Loans and Investment

Cryptocurrency loans and investment is one of the current emerging trends in finance and blockchain, crypto lending is a form of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) where investors lend cryptocurrencies to borrowers in exchange for interest payments (crypto dividends). Crypto lending platforms usually accept cryptos and stable coins. We at Bijoux Financiers LLC we offer all kinds of Crypto Lending services with low interest at 2%.

We can assist you in listing your coins and tokens on the Blockhain service and popular Crypto Platforms. We can fund your Crypto Projects 100% paid in Crypto or Token.

Cryptocurrency lending allows you to borrow physical money (e.g. USD, EUR, CAD) when you need it in order to avoid having to sell your crypto in case of an emergency.

What We Do:

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is a very flexible form of short to mid-term funding, and compared with conventional forms of finance it is very quick to organise and draw the money.

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Commercial Finance

Commercial Bridging loans are used when there is a gap in financing that needs filling quickly. Our flexible approach is down to our network of High Net worth Investors and Bridging Partners.

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Development Finance

Development Finance loans can be used in a number of different circumstances, such as refurbishment – buying dilapidated properties and then renovating them, and selling them over a short period of time.

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